John G. Trump Collection

John G. Trump Collection // Open.Ink // RISE INTL.

A work of original art by RISE inspired by and designed to commemorate this important Open.Ink collection shining a well-deserved spotlight on John G. Trump, a remarkable physicist, esteemed M.I.T. professor, war hero, beacon of scientific innovation, and uncle of President Donald John Trump. This Special Collection features thousands of documents, photos, publications, ground-breaking patents, press clippings, and original writings of Dr. Trump, including his posthumous analysis of theories that were hypothesized by Nikola Tesla. His report remains one of the most authoritative insights into Nikola Tesla’s mysterious “Death Ray” and its practical applications. Few can even imagine the pure genius of this great American hero, but now thanks to OpenInk, we can learn about his legacy, which continues to inspire us to question, explore, and push the boundaries of knowledge. Grab some pieces from this collection and celebrate in style with some ultra-premium gear from RISE and OpenInk, handmade in the USA.

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