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We’re here to fight for truth in the cultural, spiritual, and information wars that are currently raging.

We provide the movement with new ways to transmit messages both to each other and into the public consciousness. 

If we are the army then RISE is the uniform. Suit up.

10% of all profits go to Operation Underground Railroad. [learn more]

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Contrived Cool vs. Authentic

When the consequences of speaking or acting out of disobedience are outweighed by the consequences of remaining silent, then the choice is easy. The real question is, what’s holding you back? When I was young, like in 10th grade or so (let’s say around ’98-’99), I learned one of the most valuable lessons in my […]

 July 26. 2021 18:38

Rising Up and Doubling Down

My position as it stands is unwavering. Not out of ego, arrogance, or gullibility. I am no sucker. My mind is sound, my judgement is sharp and my perspective is unaffected by emotion. My confidence is rooted in my understanding of the current conditions we’re in and how we’ve arrived here. The evidence I’m seeing playing out is consistently encouraging. My undying faith in God and the power of the human spirit only seals it for me. I won’t deal in speculation, only what I know. Here’s what I know…

 July 26. 2021 18:33