A visual retelling of the disturbing but EPIC true story of John Van Meter, a heroic woodsman who rescued a kidnapped young woman from the clutches of an elite satanic cult on Halloween of 2004, just minutes before certain rape and death in a dark ritual of human sacrifice. As told by legendary former head of the FBI Los Angelas division turned whistleblower, Ted Gunderson, at the Granada Forum in 2010 and from the victim herself via a powerful, intimate letter she wrote in hopes of being heard.

Inspired by the incredible story, we’ve created this video infusing a series of original digital composite images and illustrations created by Rise with a few stock videos mixed in. In doing so, we hope to raise more awareness to ensure that it’s shared and re-told far beyond Mr. Gunderson’s brave efforts. This is an incredibly important exposé of evil, and its unfortunate infiltration into the highest levels of our government and law enforcement.

John Van Meter // RISE Attire // #EvilFreeLife
John Van Meter // Certified Stud

Because of the mature nature of the subject matter contained herein, viewer discretion is advised. However, we consider this video/story a necessary watch for all adults of stable heart and mind. In order to fight this evil, we must be brave (as John Van Meter was) and willing to confront it head on, guns blazing. Strap on your spiritual armor and get ready for one hell of a ride.

In the YT comment section for the Granada Forum’s full presentation cited in the sauce below, a brainwashed sheep said this about Ted Gunderson…

Dan: “Disgraced Gunderson has no credibility.”

My reply: “Yeah, that’s what happens when you blow the whistle on elite child trafficking rings in government and law enforcement, you get labeled as “Disgraced”. The sad part is, idiots like you actually buy into that shit. Judging by the fist in your profile pic, I’d guess you fancy yourself “anti-establishment”. What happened man? When are you going to figure out that by listening to Snopes and Google tell you that Ted Gunderson is “disgraced” and has “no credibility” then pushing that narrative, you become a complete mindless tool of the very system you think you’re “resisting”? You also serve to run cover for some of the worst people in the world. Honestly man… If you’re able to convince yourself that the former head of FBI’s Los Angelas division, who put his life, career, reputation, and family on the line (with absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose) to blow the whistle on satanic ritualistic abuse and human trafficking operations of some of the most powerful people in our country, was actually making it all up and lying all along… then who’s the real conspiracy theorist here? That makes absolutely zero sense. Seriously man, wake TF up.”

[EDIT] In the midst of a long chain of unremarkable banter between the infamous “Dan” and the many challengers to his worldview… a lone commenter appears, set to effortlessly lay waste to Dan’s self-esteem. In a flash he’s gone, just as soon as he came, leaving us with an instant classic too good to keep hidden in the depths of a YouTube comment section… So… what say you, Colin??

Colin: Lol, obvious Satanist; The funny thing is that’s their best shot: Dan the Debunker: Gundo is discredited because Dan said so; Ted gave an hour of allegory (with references to evidence that’s attached to it and verifies it), and says things that certainly put him out on a ledge, that put him at risk of ridicule, but that’s not good enough to convince the Enlightened Higher Minds out there; They’ll see through that and gravitate towards Dan’s Higher Truth, Ted Gunderson (able to prove he was a former head of the FBI) was debunked because Dan, some rando off the net that you don’t know anything about, said so, from the safe position of being the guy who shoots things down, and he speaks with the confidence of someone who knows the truth and can prove it. You can trust that confidence. If you’re a Higher Mind: only people who are always right are always certain they are always right, right? And what did he do when challenged? What proves your claims Dan? TRUTH! Legend Status Attained! And then, just to prove how confident Dan is, that he has the truth and he can deliver it on demand, he suddenly gets tired of the conversation, because when you have the truth, and non-believers want to hear it; you definitely shouldn’t tell the person who asked you for it what that truth is: they’re too stupid to understand, and if they don’t know, they don’t deserve to know, right Dan? That’s it: Audience Controlled: Consider yourselves hypnotized by a master everyone. …. Seriously hilarious convo. Classic Satanic Magic. Weak as Pi$$. Tough crowd, ay Dan?

Okay, now that Dan’s been given a proper trouncing, we can return to the matter at hand. [EDIT OVER]

Perhaps if people got a chance to absorb the John Van Meter story Ted Gunderson told in the format we’ve presented here, they might be more receptive to the horrifying, ugly implications it conjures up. That’s our hope at least. This truth must be understood and faced with a unified front of awakened masses no longer willing to sit and watch our children be snatched up off the streets by the same types of people who claim to represent and protect us. Sometimes, the truth is easiest to swallow in the form of a story with heroes, villains, faces and names that we can identify with, cheer on, and weep for. The sooner we swallow this as a society, the sooner it can be brought to an end.

God bless the brave souls John Van Meter, Ted Gunderson, and the anonymous woman who came forward to tell her story. Your pain and struggle for the sake of truth and doing what’s right will not have been in vain.

"So saith the Lord: Maintain justice and do righteousness, For My salvation is soon to come, And My righteousness will soon be revealed. Blessed is the man who does this, and the son of man who holds it fast" Isaiah 56:1

Link to full presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwlru76u_Sg
Article on John “Homer” Van Meter’s plea to have false allegations levied against him dismissed:
Article detailing the slow moving trial of Van Meter’s supposed “imaginary gun battle” from 2007:
Link to Van Meter’s book wherein Gunderson’s letter to the judge is printed: