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We’re here to fight for truth in the cultural, spiritual, and information wars that are currently raging. We provide the movement with new ways to transmit messages both to each other and into the public consciousness.

WEAR the truth on your sleeve.




Our world is in the midst of great change. This power struggle playing out has been moving the needle steadily in the direction of abject truth, while the fake, contrived, cabal-owned culture shapers of the past slip further into obscurity. RISE is here to direct the weapons they once wielded against us back onto them, making truth a fashion statement you can wear with pride and purpose. Andrew Breitbart once said “politics is downstream of culture”. We understand the gravity of that statement with great clarity, and do not take it lightly.

This is a war, and RISE is here to help lead the charge of reimagining culture from the ground up, reflecting in the clothes we wear, the values we embrace, and the true anti-establishment lifestyle we live by. Our premium garments are custom made from scratch in East Peoria, Illinois, touched only by the skilled hands of legal US citizens and patriots.

RISE Attire is a rallying banner, a signal flair, and a subversive red-pilling tool for the bold. This is ANTI-EVIL – fighting for our God-given birthright collectively, exposing and dismantling those who’ve conspired to take it, and making it look dope in the process of a world awakening to its authentic self.

Slave No More // RISEAttireUSA.com


The MSM Is lying to you. It’s time to turn off your TV. They want to be the gatekeepers of truth to dictate the narrative and control your mind. Never in history have the lies been this blatant. RISE is here to shatter false realities and flip their propaganda on its head to be used against them.

New to the truth movement? Looking for some information sources you can trust? The REAL stuff? Our Blog #EvilFreeLife is a great place to start >> HERE.

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