Wake Up and Fight

This is for all of you who have families that you love and care about. Those with freedoms, individual liberties; a way of life that you value and want to preserve. If you consider yourself a patriot, a freedom loving citizen of any nation, it doesn’t matter which… they’re all in jeopardy. Listen up. It’s no longer a secret. For those of you who know, the time to lay low is over. The cat’s out the bag. The New World Order, one world government agenda is no longer just a conspiracy theory.

While we all slept our cultures and systems of government were hijacked, infiltrated by bad actors of corruption, greed, nihilism, cultural Marxism, Post-Modernism, Transhumanism, Globalism, Satanism and many other collectivist faces of evil. While keeping us distracted with their bread and circuses, they systematically subverted our culture to be weaponized against us, against our children. They brainwashed us and turned us against our neighbors, keeping us afraid, divided, dumbed down, drugged up, debt-ridden and detached from God. The evidence is all around and available for all those with eyes to see. Good people of the world, it’s time to call them by their name and know thine enemy. It’s time to take it all back. This is not a call for violence, it’s a call for unity and for truth.

For those who don’t know… the globalist elite make no secret of it, it’s already been rolled out. They have a name for it, they’ve literally branded it. Who are they? They are The World Economic Forum at Davos. They are The World Trade Organization and The United Nations, The European Union and The WHO. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Open Societies Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller Medicine, The Vatican, The Royal Crown, The Club of Rome, The CIA, The CCP, The Federal Reserve and the Central Banking Systems worldwide to name just a few. Pick your poison. They’re all working in tandem, each an important piece of the machine, either overtly or covertly doing their part to bring about the same agenda of slavery, censorship, techno-fascism, consolidation and control. The same sick system kept alive on life support by an endless cycle of corruption, greed, coercion, extortion, blackmail, depravity, murder, and lies. And the establishment politicians in almost all the major countries around the world are a part of it. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. They’re controlled just the same.

Wake Up and Fight // RISE Attire

Their master plan is called “The Great Reset”. It’s available for all to see, right there on the World Economic Forum’s website… weforum.org/great-reset. This is their big plan to “solve” all the world’s problems and inequities, to make it a “greener”, more “equitable” and “inclusive” place… or so they say. The reality is their motives are far more nefarious than that. More power and more control – that’s all it’s ever about. These power-players are nothing more than skillful magicians pulling a sleight of hand on a grand scale. But this is nothing new. It’s an age old tactic called the Hegelian dialectic: it goes problem > reaction > solution. They create the problem covertly, control the reaction through their corporate PR and propaganda outlets, then like clockwork – they offer up the solution that always leads to the consolidation of more power and more control for them at the expense of our freedoms, privacy, and God-given rights. Their power, however, is only a projection. Once enough people see the strings and realize the trick, the spell is broken and the intended effect is lost.

Now you might ask, how could they pull off such a bold power grab? How could they pull off a plan as audacious and brazen as The Great Reset? For it to be possible, they’d have to crash the global economy and destroy all sense of national pride and identity first. Right? Hmmm, now how could they go about doing that?? I wonder. Let’s see… how about the release of a man-made virus that leads to the indefinite coordinated lockdown of small businesses, schools, and churches worldwide? Imposing ridiculous mask mandates to muzzle the obedient and single out the noncompliant. Forced experimental “vaccines”, unconstitutional vaccine mandates and vaccine passports – all done in clear violation of the Nuremberg code and our most basic fundamental human rights? Using engineered events to stoke racial tension, pinning us up against each other and encouraging people to hate themselves? Promoting depravity and normalizing mental illness in our public schools while teaching Marxist ideologies that train kids to welcome in our own self-destruction, coming in-between you and your children and weakening the family structure in the process? Entering us into wars and intentionally-provoked global conflicts to keep us distracted, launder massive amounts of money and wag the dog? Manufacturing supply line shortages by closing down our ports, running farmers out of business, disrupting shipping routes, and shutting down or blowing up oil pipelines? Federal, taxpayer-funded censorship operations that partner with private NGOs to directly violate our first amendment rights, going so far as to censor information they know to be true! Does any of this ring a bell?? These are not coincidences, or the product of stupidity or ineptitude. This is a deliberate, calculated, coordinated attack on us, the free people of the world. It’s all connected, just read the communist manifesto. The goals of communism and the goals of the New World Order are identical.

Great Reset // RISE Attire

It’s simple, they’ve told us quite clearly. “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” That’s their promise, a direct quote from one of their slick marketing campaigns. That means no debt, but it also means no private property, no personal freedom, no national sovereignty, no medical autonomy, no privacy, no prosperity. Communism, Feudalism, Socialism, Fascism, Crony Capitalism, it doesn’t matter. They’re all different sides of the same collectivist coin. Different means to achieve the same end where the few own everything and the rest of us own nothing, and happiness is nothing but a bitter sweet memory; A false promise from a snake oil salesman.

The Globalist New World Order want to destroy national boundaries and consolidate the nations of the world, so they can wield power over everyone and everything, creating a global, neo-feudalist totalitarian dystopia. Yuval Noah Harari, one of the mastermind’s behind this Great Reset plan has given Ted Talks saying “Human Rights, like God and like Heaven, are just fictional stories that we have invented… but they aren’t real.” He’s also stated that human beings “have no soul” and our minds and bodies are “hackable”. Does that sound like someone you want in charge of the most important decisions that affect your life?

If we are to survive and thrive as a society, it’s imperative that we wake up and take a stand immediately, and once awakened that you wake up as many other people as possible. It’s not too late. We can win this but only if we stop running from the ugly truth and unite to face it. We the people deserve true free market capitalism, free and fair elections with same day voting and hand marked, hand counted paper ballots. We want the voting machines melted down and turned into prison bars for the corrupt – the time has come! We demand full transparency in government, and the complete disclosure of all they’ve kept from us. The untold amount of wealth they’ve stolen, suppressed technologies including medical cures and alternative free-energy sources, secret knowledge and our collective hidden history. We want it all. We demand it!

Who are we? We are the people. We are patriots. We are the populist movement – the truth movement. We are RISE Attire! We’re not here to propagate fear, that is their game. We’re here to wake you up and inspire you to act in whatever capacity you can, because we know that together we can, and will win. Humanity will win, but only if we learn our true enemy, what they’ve done, and what they plan to do if we “comply”. The truth will be the great unifier.

Don’t be afraid. Be prepared – be informed. And for Christ’s sake, TURN OFF YOUR TV!! Truth will ‘out’ in the end and the human spirit will prevail, one way or another. We at RISE have nothing but faith in that. It’s going to be a rough ride, though, so strap in and arm yourself with as much information as possible. Get involved! And don’t forget, politics is downstream of culture, and right now the culture war is in full swing – and it’s calling you. That’s why RISE is here. Be bold and wear the truth on your sleeve.

Great Reset vs. Great Awakening // #EvilFreeLife // RISE Attire

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