The Beginning is Near

The Beginning Is Near // RISE Attire

The Beginning Is Near // When ‘they’ have power, they only destroy. Destruction is their art form, it’s all they know. Creation is an act of Godliness, which makes it a precious tool well outside their reach. On an energetic level, ‘they’ are nothing but vampiric arsons and vandals, huffing the fumes of sorrow left in the wake of their destruction. But out of the ashes of the old world they’ve set aflame, a new world will rise that belongs to us: we the people. Through prayer and spiritual strength we remain steadfast, unrelenting in our commitment to facilitating their demise. We will one day know a world without ‘them’. It is almost impossible to imagine. One without the restraints of their influence and manipulation- but THAT is the future. THAT is ‘what is coming’.. …and nothing can stop it. // The Beginning is Near.