Contrived Cool vs. Authentic

When the consequences of speaking or acting out of disobedience are outweighed by the consequences of remaining silent, then the choice is easy. The real question is, what’s holding you back? When I was young, like in 10th grade or so (let’s say around ’98-’99), I learned one of the most valuable lessons in my life so far. I realized that the less you care about what others think, the more free you become; and the more free you are, the more people respect you. When you stop caring about the opinions of others and “popularity” is the least of your concerns, you can actually become more popular. That hasn’t changed either, because the desire to be free is in us all, it doesn’t matter how old you are. We’re most drawn to the people we perceive to be the most free, in their mind and their heart. You know… the uninhibited.

A big part of the conditioning keeping us obedient is fear-based. We’re taught from experience (and hypothetically) that speaking out and being different, going against the herd, will somehow lead to negative social consequences. This is largely an illusion, however. It’s a trick. The truth is, the more we walk our own path without fear, the “cooler” we become. There are two kinds of cool as I see it; there’s the contrived and the authentic. The contrived is divisive and defined largely by what [they] want you to think is cool (which is almost always inauthentic). The authentic is the kind that originates from within and is much quicker to break rules than follow them. This is why rebelliousness is so often associated with being cool.

The true rebels who set the standards of cool come in all walks of life, and are not limited by money, youth or beauty, as [they]’d have you believe. The non-conformist trendsetter sets the standards of “fashion” with their everyday interactions and words, their actions, and in the decisions they make both public and private. Those who rebel against and disobey authority can lead by example when done correctly with a righteous cause. These types of leaders are a serious threat to the tyrannical system. That’s why so many of society’s “influencers” get approached and corrupted by the cabal. When they toe the line they’re an asset, when they don’t they’re dangerous. They will do all they can to de-incentivize and punish the rebellious dissident, to avoid what could inevitably lead to large-scale civil disobedience.

However, since [they] can’t be everywhere at once to dish out punishments whenever someone steps out of line, they rely largely on the social pressures of conformity. So often, the status quo is enforced by sheep who live by the totalitarian society’s rules as if it was their religion. You know the type… the cuck’s, Karen’s, and SJW’s of the world. These people base their worth on the values set by the system, and try to define themselves by what they’re told is cool. So of course they happily enforce the status quo. These people should be the least of your concern, however, because in reality they’re worth the least of all. Most of them have a serious rude awakening coming their way, and the rest are likely among the 5% or so who will never wake up, no matter what. The less you care what they think, the less you’ll bend to social pressures. The less you bend and comply, the less power [they] have over you. The less power [they] have over you, the more free you become. The more free you are, the more attractive you become. The more attractive you are the more influence you’ll wield. The more influence one has, the more of a difference you can make when setting an example and making a statement… and when your statement is one of truth that’s rooted in love, you’re set.

Confidence is key when facing down the mob. It comes naturally when you understand your worth (the kind derived from God’s love, that’s inalienable) and the truth we in this movement have been given the gift of understanding. When you’re not the least bit concerned with their contrived standards of cool, and you keep it real with yourself and with others, you’ll be unstoppable. Do the right thing and be authentic, others will follow. There’s nothing cooler than saying “fuck the system” when the system is corrupt and evil. Break the spell of those around you. Set the charge.

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