Hi-Rez – ‘Fact Check’

Hi-rez - 'fact check'

On Wed April 10th, a collab between RISE Attire and Hi-Rez was released in the form of a music video. Since then, the heads of countless agents in the Globalist NWO Big Tech censorship complex have exploded worldwide as vigorous, frantic fact-checking ensues. That’s okay though, because the video for the original song in its final form is available exclusively on the Rumble platform, where humanity is allowed to be it’s OWN fact-checker. And ultimately, that’s what this song and video are all about… deciphering truth from falsehoods yourself without the peak Karen-level nanny-state intervening on your behalf, when they themselves are the biggest purveyors of the very mis/disinformation they claim to be protecting you from. 

Not everything Hi-Rez talks about in the song may resonate with you as “true”. But that’s okay! There’s something in it for everyone, regardless, and the fun is in that important mental exercise that’s required… discernment. The track is an absolute banger and the video steps right up to match it’s energy. It was truly a labor of love that we’re very proud of, here at RISE. Please ✔️ it out for yourself, re-watch it (you’re gonna want to), share it out, and drop a comment in the comment section letting him know RISE ATTIRE sent ya!

We’ve been huge fans of Hi-Rez for a while now, (as you’re well aware of if you watch our livestream show ‘ART + TRUTH’). So needless to say, this was a major honor and achievement unlocked. Especially for a track as effective as this at grabbing your attention, hooking you in, and planting all kinds of red pill seeds into your mind. You split some heads open with this one, Rez…

Hi-Rez - Fact Check // #EvilFreeLife // RISE Attire

Response to ‘Empire of Lies’

[EDITORS NOTE]: I take back everything I said here that’s positive about Tyson James. F*ck him. He’s shown us his true colors and he’s now officially the kind of guy I talk about in this article… “Defeatists disguised as soldiers”. Accept I’d take it a step further and say he’s more like a fake, “take a free ride on the MAGA train-to-fame then stab the conductor in the back before you get off”-type grifter disguised as a soldier, now. Let’s just say there’s a REASON why he’s still on YouTube and streams with a giant YouTube sign behind him in his studio. He’s now fine with making his career about being anti gay while turning his followers against the only man who can actually do something to stop the global communist satanic LGBTQP+++ agenda from the top down. I took it personally when he turned on Trump, clearly. F*ck him. But the article is still important and relevant. Just ignore the moments where I separate Tyson from the kind of guy I’m talking about. Okay [EDIT OVER]

A country is not its government, or its small minority of people with a monopoly on media and systems of control. A country is its people, and its cultures. I understand the importance of accountability when it comes to the sins of the modern world to an extent, but I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to identify with our enslavers, or with any of these “woke” sheep for that matter. If you’re based and you’re fighting for truth in the culture war (like Tyson is), then you are not them. It’s important to make that distinction, fam. YOU are not kicking God out of everything, THEY are kicking God out of everything, but God is coming back. I f*ck with Tyson James. I love his music, it’s featured several times in our #TRUTHMUSIC playlist/blog post, and I feel where he’s coming from… but semantics are important. Let’s be honest, THEY would LOVE for the good people of this country to take on the burden of their atrocities as if it were our own, be it out of humility or sheer guilt, only to welcome in our own self-destruction in the process. Don’t forget, it was MAN who decided what stayed in the bible and what didn’t, not God, and the cabal has been at this for a very long time. I’m not entirely convinced there aren’t things in Revelations that are less of a prophecy and more of some kind of self-fulfilling psy-op designed to disarm good Christian men who would otherwise be fighting but instead just lay down their arms and accept the anti-christ/New World Order because… well, you know… “it was written”. I see it all the time. Defeatists disguised as soldiers. No, Tyson James is not one of them, in case you’re wondering. But they’re everywhere on social media, and their numbers are only growing as things get crazier, which makes this that much more pressing. If we do not muster the courage to stand tall and distinguish ourselves as patriots from those seeking to destroy all that God created here on earth, then we don’t stand a chance. We’re dealing with masters of manipulation, and we NEED to draw a line in the sand if we’re to win the war. If we consider ourselves the enemy, or if we resign ourselves to the notion that it’s all over, then it is and we are. But it’s still a choice, at least for now. I don’t know bout y’all but I’m not about to lay down and let them win unchallenged, all because of what it says in Revelations. Know thine enemy, frens. That’s the only way to destroy them. And if you’re on the side of truth and God, then as far as I’m concerned you’re not among their ranks.

THEY are not us… In fact, I’m not sure THEY are even human, frfr. But that’s a whole other discussion.

Do not make peace with evil. Destroy it. Ain’t that right @Trad_West?…