Fear Is Not A Virtue [A RISE PSA]

Fear, Covid-19

Originally Published 11.18.20

If you’re feeling afraid these days, that’s ok. Honestly. We’re all human and no one is above fear. But often times, fear can make us act and think irrationally. What you cannot do, however, is let it provoke you into attacking those of us who aren’t. If the cost of leveling out the playing field to preserve your ego ends up being our freedom and rights then it’s not worth it. Those of us who aren’t afraid of CV are not stupid or uninformed. Quite the contrary, actually. We’ve just seen the information that’s being hidden from our peers, family and friends, for totally insidious reasons. It’s this information that’s liberated us from that fear. Despite the lack of manufactured fear there’s still great concern, but it’s over something much bigger and more pervasive than you may think.

This is the kind of truth we’re all inevitably confronted by once you do your homework. It’s the reality we in the truth movement live with every day, and it’s not a joke. If you think this sounds melodramatic or crazy then chances are you just don’t understand yet. Believe me, it’s bad and you’re going to learn for yourself soon enough. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Whether the globalist plan succeeds and you learn the hard way, or we win and the truth is exposed, you’re going to find out. If I were you tho, I’d pray for scenario 2. I have every bit of confidence this is the road we’re on, but still I pray as often as possible.

Every day you continue to sleep the gravity of the situation pulls stronger, the truth heavier. It’s a burden to carry. What’s even worse, though, is when we’re forced to fight both tyranny and our friends and family at the same time. I’m not sure who’s worse, the social media companies de-platforming us or our peers on social media who ridicule and pressure us into conformity, who parrot narratives force fed to them by the media and celebrities who hate them, who bully and “cancel” people’s lives over their words, who label those of us with the conviction to question it all as “crazy”. That’s the most difficult part sometimes, the resistance at home. The cognitive dissonance. It’s agonizing and insufferable. I promise you, if you’re one of these people subjecting others to this and you have any semblance of a soul, this will not end well. Regardless of the outcome, this may grow to become your deepest regret. You will never live it down.

As much as we want to see you all wake up, this still needs to remain a choice. In the US our freedom and liberties are inalienable, but they’re also under constant threat and must be defended. On a personal level, defending your rights is also a choice. Just like when someone chooses to trust and accept everything they’re being told by the media. If they choose to fight this virus by forfeiting their rights and submitting to fear, that’s their prerogative. We’re not going to stand in their way or let it stop us. We may attempt to wake them and compel them to fight. But at the end of the day, if they don’t want to that’s on them. In the same respect, when we choose the pursuit of truth that’s calling us to RISE and push back on the very tyranny that’s responsible for this virus [and much more]… you can not stand in ours. Betting it all on being right while remaining willfully uninformed comes at too high a cost if you’re wrong. Think about it… I HOPE I’m wrong. I know in my heart that we’re not, but if we were that would be a happy day. Can you say the same? What happens if/when you’re wrong? Do you even know? Because I have a pretty good idea, and it ain’t pretty. 

A wise man once said in a world of fear, facts are your friend. Same goes for the unafraid with facts in hand, we’re your friends too. In reality, it’s the ones who’ve labeled us, our thoughts, and our words as “dangerous” that are the truly dangerous ones. They are the most dastardly, psychopathic, fork-tonged wolves in sheep’s clothing you could dream up. The type to guilt you into hiding your face all day (even when you’re alone) as to not kill grandma, while they literally force sick patients into her nursing home to pad the death toll numbers while the hospitals lay vacant.


You don’t want this blood on your hands, TRUST me. Don’t do them any favors. Stand up for your rights with us or you can simply stand down. No need to be a hero, just DO NOT stand in our way. Please and Thank you. 


-How about you… What are YOU afraid of most right now? Drop a comment and share your thoughts below!! Anything goes, let’s hear it…