Game Over DTG Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie



In the final battle for the mind, it’s now ‘Game Over’ for the Georgia Guidestones. Explosive design meets explosive revelation. It’s not just a tee; it’s a stylish salute to the crumbling of their carefully crafted plans. Rock the aftermath, sport the debris, and let the world in on the truth – the game was rigged, and now it’s blown to bits.

The Georgia Guidestones, aka “American Stonehenge”, was a mysterious and controversy-embattled monument inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. Occult groups adopted the site, while others recognized the instructions for what they were… mass depopulation as the hallmark of an anti-human, globalist agenda.

They stood from 1980 up until July 6th 2022, when they went down with a bang. Explosives were used by an anonymous suspect that damaged the stones and lead to their final demise only few hours later by a demolition crew (for some reason). This mysteriously & anonymously erected “monument” met its end in equally clandestine fashion, with both the original commissioners and suspected vandal remaining unidentified to this day. Anonymity, it seems, is a theme used by both the forces of good and evil in this spiritual battle- and these events are a landmark victory for humanity over the globalist elites whose visions for domination and depopulation were etched in those stones.

  • Soft and Vivid Hi-Res Print that’ll never Fade, Decolorize, or Wear
  • State of the art printing process
  • Premium Quality 50% recycled Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Rayon
  • Polyester fiber in this blend is made from recycled content including plastic bottles.
  • Recycled poly helps reduce water usage, energy consumption and CO2 emissions when producing this garment.
  • Made In USA

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Weight 400 g

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