Hi-Rez – ‘Fact Check’

Hi-rez - 'fact check'

On Wed April 10th, a collab between RISE Attire and Hi-Rez was released in the form of a music video. Since then, the heads of countless agents in the Globalist NWO Big Tech censorship complex have exploded worldwide as vigorous, frantic fact-checking ensues. That’s okay though, because the video for the original song in its final form is available exclusively on the Rumble platform, where humanity is allowed to be it’s OWN fact-checker. And ultimately, that’s what this song and video are all about… deciphering truth from falsehoods yourself without the peak Karen-level nanny-state intervening on your behalf, when they themselves are the biggest purveyors of the very mis/disinformation they claim to be protecting you from. 

Not everything Hi-Rez talks about in the song may resonate with you as “true”. But that’s okay! There’s something in it for everyone, regardless, and the fun is in that important mental exercise that’s required… discernment. The track is an absolute banger and the video steps right up to match it’s energy. It was truly a labor of love that we’re very proud of, here at RISE. Please ✔️ it out for yourself, re-watch it (you’re gonna want to), share it out, and drop a comment in the comment section letting him know RISE ATTIRE sent ya!

We’ve been huge fans of Hi-Rez for a while now, (as you’re well aware of if you watch our livestream show ‘ART + TRUTH’). So needless to say, this was a major honor and achievement unlocked. Especially for a track as effective as this at grabbing your attention, hooking you in, and planting all kinds of red pill seeds into your mind. You split some heads open with this one, Rez…

Hi-Rez - Fact Check // #EvilFreeLife // RISE Attire