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Garbage cabal culture is dead. Hollywood and their globalist pimps have decided to go down with the ship so we're gonna make sure it sinks nice and deep for them. The culture belongs to the people now, the future is here. 

Patriots of the world; Represent truth. Wear it on your sleeve. We are what they fear most. All of their efforts and resources go toward making sure we don't happen... yet here we are growing exponentially by the day. 

Don't be afraid, God wins and truth prevails.

Slave No More

 Enemy of the People 

The MSM Is lying to you. It's time to turn off your TV. They want to be the gatekeepers of truth to dictate the narrative and control your mind. Never in history have the lies been this blatant. RISE is here to shatter false realities and flip their propaganda on its head to be used against them. 

New to the movement? Looking for some news sources you can trust? The REAL stuff? Our Blog  #EvilFreeLife is a great place to start >> HERE

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Operation Underground Railroad

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Fact #1

Today Over 2 Million Children Worldwide Live as Sex Slaves

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Fact #2

73 Million Children Under 12 are Forced Laborers

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Fact #3

The country with the World's #1 worst human trafficking problem is the United States. It's also the #1 most profitable industry in the world. This is a well-oiled machine kept alive and protected mainly by a dark culture of "elites" who use it to feed their sick appetites . This cannot end soon enough.

O.U.R. is taking action, and so are we. The world will soon follow.


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